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Important Advancement and Revision Seminar
held on 16th October 2016



This important seminar was conducted by Grand Master C. K. Chang and Senior Master Eddie Cheah, with the help of Andy Hucklesby, Trish Chang and other team leaders including Jeff Joseph, Aldo Bruno, Andrea Farmer, Adison Bridet, Gary Barham and Michael Johnson. All together, a total of 91 degrees of Black Belt holders participated. (Please see the main group photo and the separate team photos in this report.)

Grand Master C. K. Chang (right) and Senior Master Eddie Cheah (8th Degree Black Belt) demonstrating defence against a stick attack. They have been training together since childhood, going back 67 years!

Tremendous Friendship and Camaraderie

Senior Master Eddie Cheah has known Grand Master, and they have trained together, for more than 67 years; to this day, he still enjoys training with Grand Master every week in London.

The Rich Ones Had All the Luck

A couple of instructors went to the old seminar venue without checking the correct details on the information sheet. After realising they were at the wrong place, they proceeded to the right address, and surprisingly they arrived in good time. By our quick reckoning, they were two of the richest ones, and one wondered whether their expensive and fast cars had anything to do with their ease of arriving at the seminar after getting to the wrong address quite a distance away. If so, on the face of it, the richer ones seemed to have better luck because they could afford the expensive fast cars. There must be a direct correlation between lots of money and expensive cars. When you come to think of it, it’s difficult to argue with that. Lucky so-and-sos.

Please read Missing Person for details.

Missing Person

The official Wu Shu Kwan photographer Des Radcliffe was, of all people, absent from the individual group photos: he forgot to include himself in the group led by Andy Hucklesby. Fortunately we were able to include his individual picture here to record his presence, in case his family might suspect he played truant on that day! Not a chance, because Des really enjoys Wu Shu Kwan training with Grand Master, and he would avail himself of any opportunity to further his knowledge and technique under the instruction of peerless Grand Master. Des has now been with Wu Shu Kwan for 45 years!

Extremely Busy Schedule

No sooner had Trish Chang (deputy leader of Wu Shu Kwan’s Team England) returned from Trinidad than she went full steam ahead (with Lucy Outred’s help) to organise this seminar. Well done Trish and Lucy. Wu Shu Kwan is getting really busy.

Another Notch on their Belt

Six of the senior instructors, namely Jeff Joseph, Aldo Bruno, Andrea Farmer, Adison Bridet, Gary Barham and Michael Johnson, had been promoted to Level 1 Assessors earmarked for important future appointment. Congratulations. With more advanced levels of training and achievement, they will be accredited in due course.

By the way, Jeff and Andrea are already shouldering some of the very demanding official duties in assessing candidates and teaching instructors. Jeff regularly conducts grading in Wales and Liverpool; similarly, Andrea had just returned from a training and assessing duty with the Wu Shu Kwan England Team in Trinidad – she’s highly respected and in great demand there for her expertise. If we’re not careful, the Trinidadians would have kept her there!

Learning Real Knowledge

Those who were lucky enough to attend this important seminar expressed how much valuable knowledge and techniques they’d learned, and how much they enjoyed the precious experience. Authenticity is a rarity in martial art nowadays, and Grand Master’s knowledge and techniques were matchless and very much to be treasured.

What brought all the participants together was because of Grand Master’s depth of knowledge, which was untouchable. His training was enjoyable and enlightening, and his expert guidance lifted the limits to one’s understanding and techniques of martial art to a much greater height.

A Fruitful Day and an Enjoyable Experience

It was a long and challenging day with a lot to take in, but the eagerness and willingness of all participants to absorb precious knowledge made the whole training an enjoyable and a rewarding one. Senior instructors and the more junior members alike were very friendly, helpful and sincere, showing the true spirit of Wu Shu Kwan.

Assessment of Grading Candidates

Candidates planning to sit for their Black Belt and higher degrees were also in attendance to be assessed by their respective team leaders, and at the same time they had the opportunity to be checked and corrected. All the candidates appeared to have learnt and performed very well, and, after a solid day of dedicated fine tuning, they must have greatly increased their chances of passing in the forthcoming grading.

Good luck to the prospective candidates, which include Sarah Cheeseman & Chris Lowin, 1st Grader (Brown Belt); Camila Lake-Thomson & Giles Kangberee, 1st Degree (Black Belt); Lucy Outred & Thaireno Human, 2nd Degree (Black Belt); and Mandeep Ranger, 4th Degree (Black Belt).

A Wonderful Day

It’d been a fantastic and memorable day for those who participated. At the end of the day and before leaving, a lot felt rather sad, but all good things must come to an end.

Till we meet again at the next seminar.

The seminar was conducted by Grand Master & Eddie Cheah, assisted by Andy Hucklesby & Trish Chang.

Jeff Joseph, Aldo Bruno, Andrea Farmer, Adison Bridet, Gary Barham & Michael Johnson had taken another step to become fully-fledged assessors.

A strong training team led by Eddie Cheah, Andrea Farmer & Gary Barham.

Another strong training team led by Andy Hucklesby & Aldo Bruno.

One of the strongest & most popular training team led by Trish Chang & Michael Johnson.

A powerful training team led by Jeff Joseph & Adison Bridet.


After a hard day's fruitful training, the happy group proudly showing off their certificates of achievement.


2016 Wu Shu Kwan Black Belt & Higher Degree Grading in Trinidad

Andrea Farmer
5th Degree Black
Steve Bishop
4th Degree Black Belt, Ironman
Lucy Outred
2nd Degree Black Belt

(Photo #1) Map of Trinidad & Tobago.

(Photo #2) Team England: (from left) Steve, Andrea, Grand Master, Trish & Lucy.

(Photo #3) Taken in front of the welcome banner, panel of WSK examiners representing England, Trinidad, Barbados & Jamaica: (from left) Lucy, Steve & Andrea (England); Richard (Barbados); Trish (Deputy); Grand Master (Chief); Ronald, James, Bernard & Robin (Trinidad); and Rory (Jamaica).

(Photo #3a) Larger view of the banner.

(Photo #4) Grand Master showing a perfect double legged flying kick.

(Photo #4a) Commercial T-shirt makers copying Grand Master's photo, and transformed him into a West Indian!

(Photo #5) Grand Master's favourite fruits: watermelon, mangoes & pawpaw (papaya).

(Photo #6) Coconut women & man: (from left) Lucy, Trish & Steve.

(Photo #7) Beautiful swimming pool in Tunapuna operated by Centre for Excellence.
(Courtesy: Jamaal McLeod)

(Photo #8) Early morning exercising in the park: Steve (left) & Lucy.

(Photo #9) On the doubles: (from left) Andrea, Lucy & Steve enjoying their doubles after the morning swim.

(Photo #9a) Doubles is a delicious local quick snack consisting of a flat fried bread filled with curried chick peas and topped with various chutneys of your choice.
(Courtesy: Wikipedia)

(Photo #10) On the beach of Las Cuevas: (from left) Bernard, James, Ronald, Trish, Grand Master, Andrea, Lucy & Steve.

(Photo #11) WSK members from England & Trinidad enjoying bake & shark: (from left) Grand Master, Trish, Lucy, Andrea, Ronald, James, Steve & Bernard.

(Photo #12) This is the life for mad dogs & Englishman (and three English women): (from left) Lucy, Andrea (English convert), Trish & Steve enjoying the sunshine with their favourite drinks.

Beautiful Trinidad
Trinidad & Tobago (Photo #1) is a nation in the West Indies comprising two islands. The land is beautiful and endowed with year-round sunshine. The people are of various ethnicities and cultures leading a relaxed and peaceful life.

2016 Team England (Photo #2)
From Monday 15th August 2016, Grand Master C. K. Chang, Trish Chang, Andrea Farmer, Steve Bishop (an Ironman as well) and Lucy Outred from England started to arrive in Trinidad to bring out the best from the performance of the Trinidadian (and Jamaican) candidates preparing for their 1st Degree Black Belt and Higher Degree grading under the expert and rigorous supervision and guidance of Grand Master.

Big and Highly Respected
Wu Shu Kwan is very big, highly respected and greatly admired in the West Indies. Team England were supported by Team Trinidad which include Dr Ronald Noel, James Legall Jr., Bernard Quesnel and Robin Singh. Richard Blackman (Wu Shu Kwan Chief Instructor of Barbados) travelled from his country and was fully involved in the training and grading. Likewise, Rory Robinson (Wu Shu Kwan Chief Instructor of Jamaica) was specially in Trinidad to give his personal support. It was an unforgettable West Indian Wu Shu Kwan get-together. (Photos #3 & #3a)

Grand Master Turned West Indian
Grand Master’s techniques and achievement are legendary. The Trinidadians deeply admired him and wanted him to be their own; so the commercial T-shirt manufacturers copied his famous double-legged flying kick photo onto their products, and turned him into a Trinidadian. (Photos #4 & #4a)
Grand Master always found it extremely amusing whenever he saw himself being transformed into a West Indian! It’s the price to pay if you are famous.

Our Journey
Because of flight availability, Trish, Andrea, Steve and Lucy headed out first, one day before Grand Master. At Heathrow Airport, Trish and Andrea shared fond memories of previous visits to Trinidad whetting the appetite of Steve and Lucy, whose hearts then were already pounding with excitement before setting off.
We went via Newark Liberty International Airport, USA, which seemed like a good idea at the time of booking. However, after spending over an hour running about at Newark, with only a short window to catch our connecting flight to Trinidad, we knew we had a hard task on our hands. Still – we were trained martial artists and up for the challenge – even if it meant running the full length of a US airport (with baggage). In the nick of time we made it to the last security check. Lucy was first through followed by Steve, Trish and Andrea. Whether it was the effect of the long night flight or that Lucy was wearing a thick woolly jumper (despite travelling to a hot Caribbean island), airport Homeland Security didn’t like the look of her. Not only did they swab almost every item in her carry-on bag but two officers (one of whom was very Amazonian and could body block any doorway) decided to take her to a separate room to pat her down thoroughly! Thankfully the gate wasn’t far and Lucy was able to catch up with the rest, who thought she had already boarded.

The Team Had Landed
We landed at 5am but were thrilled to be met by James and Bernard, who welcomed us with open arms and a handy tourist pack to help get us, in particular the newer members, acquainted with the Island.
Ronald, James and his team had organised for us to stay in a lovely spacious house which looked out to the Northern Range – which are tall hills (not mountains). The house had everything we needed: air conditioning, fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, TV, 4 bathrooms and free Wi-Fi. The house was near a local park, with outdoor gym equipment, and an excellent public swimming pool. By 6am, we arrived at the house, and Steve, being an Ironman, was already plotting an extensive workout routine, to which James and Bernard smiled and said “in time” – Steve still had a lot to learn about being a Trini.

Well Looked After
We didn’t find anything wanting whilst we were there as everything was carefully arranged; for example, transport (by private cars) was conveniently provided regardless of our activity or destination. We were also kept hydrated and fuelled. Narine Boodoo regularly brought delicious local bakes (bake & smoked herring, bake & beef, bake & salt fish, …) and was on hand to offer physio treatment for any tight or sore muscles. Abundance of local fruits was brought round each day from the guys; Grand Master particularly liked pawpaw (papaya), mango, avocado and watermelon. (Photo #5)

Rum Initiation
Once they found out that Lucy drank rum, it was only right that she had to be acquainted with the (local) puncheon rum of 75% proof (not for the faint hearted) – and, because of the knockout effect, it should be drunk as near a bed as advised!

At The Class
The Trinidadians brought coolers full of cold soft drinks to class and a generous supply of local food prepared by some of the wives, sisters and relatives of the members: the food and drinks were so forthcoming, it was impossible to remember who brought what. However, Parmanan Beharry, in particular, ensured Grand Master had a constant supply of coconut water, and Joey Mohanlal kindly brought and prepared fresh coconuts from his garden (Photo #6), which the Team thoroughly enjoyed; and Joey impressed everyone with his coconut preparation skills with a big sharp machete. We were also mesmerized and captivated by James’s special pineapple cutting tool and skill – within a matter of seconds, a pineapple was cut, carved, sliced and ready to eat!

Sifu Tony Lazare’s Enduring Spirit of Goodwill
Sifu Tony Lazare (2nd Degree Black Belt), trained personally by Grand Master, was the Wu Shu Kwan pioneer in Trinidad. Sifu (meaning Master in Cantonese) was an endearing word widely used in the West all those years ago. When Sifu Lazare left for the United States, he gave a clear mandate to Dr Ronald Noel (now Chief Instructor of Trinidad and Tobago) and James Legall Jr (Ronald’s deputy) to “take real good care of Grand Master whenever he visits Trinidad” – and they (with two new adherents, namely Bernard Quesnel and Robin Singh) did this selflessly and tirelessly, and extended this goodwill to anyone who travelled to Trinidad with Grand Master.
Click here to know more about Sifu Tony Lazare.

A Healthy and Busy Day
A typical day for Team England would be: start with a swim at around 5.30am in the nearby swimming pool (Photo #7), followed by a workout in the local park (Photo #8), refuelling ourselves with some doubles (Photo #9), and then training and helping to prepare candidates. As a result, Trish, Andrea and Lucy easily got very trim and further improved their fitness, which was a dream aspired by many women. Mind you, Trish is a Guinness World Record Holder for chopping with her bare hand; click here to watch the video.

Doubles is a delicious and popular street food consisting of a flat fried bread filled with curried chick peas and topped with spicy chutneys of your choice, such as mango, shadon beni (which tastes rather like coriander and pronounced locally as shadow benny), cucumber, coconut, tamarind or extra pepper (chilli) sauce. Yummy. (Photo #9a)

Crack of Dawn Training
Getting up at the crack of dawn to train was just not a UK thing – the Trini’s would start early, often practising with their instructors before coming over to our house (they all called it the headquarters, temporary at least) to train under Grand Master's great diligence and his England team before going to work. The front porch of the house had ample space to practise and it was awe-inspiring to be amongst so many Wu Shu Kwan Black Belt holders, often totalling over 50 Degrees of Black Belt, all dedicated in the pursuit of total fitness and the ultimate self-defence the Wu Shu Kwan way. The England team were not alone, as we were loyally supported by Richard Blackman (WSK Chief Instructor of Barbados), and just before the grading by Rory Robinson (WSK Chief Instructor of Jamaica) – whose son Reano Robinson (who had trained with Grand Master previously whilst in London – and who hasn’t?) was sitting for 1st Degree Black Belt.

Great Honour
On certain days of the week, there would be a Wu Shu Kwan class held in the evening taught by Grand Master. All the classes were fully attended and the students, like their instructors, were attentive, respectful and thirsty for more knowledge (Photo #13). All the instructors and members alike considered it to be a great honour and pleasure to train under the expert guidance of Grand Master; and there is a strong belief that no one can be a complete martial artist without having trained with him!
The training sessions were assisted by Trish, Andrea, Steve and Lucy (from England); Dr Ronald Noel and James Legall Jr.(Trinidad WSK); and Richard Blackman (Barbados WSK).

Trinidadians’ Spiritual Wisdom
The Trinidadians learn WSK well because they listen well, and they picked up the minutest details from Grand Master. Their biggest learning asset must be their hunger for WSK knowledge from the number one person, coupled with high respect for any instructors or members who are senior to them. Training so hard and still loving it so much more must have made the standard of WSK there so high. 

Trinidad Food and Cuisine
Trinidad has one of the most diverse and eclectic cuisine which are known throughout the world – you are really spoilt for choice. But do take heed from our experience and don’t underestimate the power of a roti (flat bread similar to paratha served with curry potatoes and a meat such as chicken, duck, goat, beef or shrimp) – delicious but not to be eaten soon before a training session!

Be Alert and Prepared
Be sure to have plenty of insect repellent. Nightfall came quickly and so did the mosquitoes. Because of the pleasant tropical evening, it was so easily forgotten that we should use the repellent and not expose ourselves to the mosquitoes after a satisfying class training, when we leave the hall in good company, listen to the sound of crickets and spot the occasional bat flying around.

Black Belt and Higher Degree Grading
Sunday 28th August 2016 was the Wu Shu Kwan Black Belt and Higher Degree grading day, which was effectively organised by Ronald and his team. The grading started around 7.30am and the London team were more than ready despite being next door to a tremendous house party (celebrating Independence Day) the night before; the music shook the windows and it didn’t finish until 4am. What a party! We were invited but we politely declined to attend because of our grading the following morning.
It was a big grading limited to those taking the Black Belt or Higher Degree only. There were 8 candidates (7 Trinidadians and 1 Jamaican) going for First Degree, 3 for Second Degree, 4 for Third Degree and 1 for Fifth Degree. The grading did not finish until about 6:30pm – a very long grading indeed.
The group picture on the day of the grading (Photo #14) can be found at the end of this report.

For the grading results, click here.

Life Is a Beach
 “Train hard, play hard.” (Photo #10) We were fortunate enough to go to the beach on our rest day. After driving over the Northern Range we went to a lookout point that had stunning views of Maracas Bay. We then settled at Las Cuevas and, with fully stocked cooler, set up base under a palm tree. We all made it into the sea, and some went in further than others. Steve, an Ironman, was keen to swim but the Trini way is to soak and enjoy (according to James). The beach was picture-postcard perfect. Although it wasn’t the right time of day to see the turtles that nest there, we were amongst a pod of pelicans who were fishing – it was breath-taking to watch.
Afterwards the team stopped for bake & shark (their equivalent of fish & chips with delicious local condiments like shado beni – a type of coriander) ( Photo #11) and washed it down with a cold local beer (a couple of names like Stag and Carib come to mind).

Bake & Shark
Bake and shark is a fried pitta-type bread filled with shark nuggets, their equivalent of fish & chips with various toppings and dressings (delicious local condiments like shado beni – which taste like coriander) – don’t let the name put you off; it really is an absolutely must-try Trinidadian dish. A famous American food writer, based in New York, has voted it as one of his world top ten dishes.

Hot, Hot, Hot & Don’t Blow Your Head Off
When the Trinidadians tell you that their pepper (chilli) is hot, you’ll have to trust them – because it really is very, very, very hot!
Similarly, if a student bartender at one of the University drinking parties in England tells you that his special concoction can blow your head off, you’d better believe it!

Final Day – A Chance to Lime
Liming is a Trinidadian word for chilling out. (Photo #12) After the grading, and on the last day we spent together as a full team; we were cordially invited to a BBQ at Rawle Mitchell’s holiday home in Mayaro Bay (south-eastern part of Trinidad), which he was renovating. It was about a two-hour drive from our house, and we drove through some picturesque countryside and a 5-mile stretch of scenery with ocean on one side and rows and rows of coconut trees on the other. We were warmly greeted, and subsequently astonished by the work Rawle (an architect by profession) had done to his place.

Places of Interest
During our time we were also able to visit St Benedict’s Monastery – a place that has spectacular views of Trinidad. It is so highly regarded that people of all religions go there to worship. We also managed to visit the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens, Emperor Valley Zoo and spectacular Queen's Park Savannah.

The Bond Is Getting Stronger
The flame of Wu Shu Kwan is further ignited each time the Team visited Trinidad. The spirit of Wu Shu Kwan is extremely strong there and we were all impressed and inspired by the students’ and instructors’ total dedication, loyalty and hunger for more valuable Wu Shu Kwan knowledge as taught by Grand Master. It was a great honour and pleasure to train alongside and support our Trinidadian Wu Shu Kwan family.

Women Black Belt
There are a number of our Trinidadian women members who show great potential and are almost ready for their Black Belt grading and; we look forward to seeing and helping them next time when we are in Trinidad.

Hard to Reach England
It fact it was this “fire in our belly” (or it may have been the pepper sauce) that got Trish, Andrea and Lucy through their hellish trip back to the UK. Grand Master and Steve left for England slightly earlier, and managed to make it home trouble-free, but unfortunately it was not to be for the three ladies. A tropical storm that had been brewing a couple of weekends ago had shot up the Caribbean, turned into Hurricane Hermine, hit the coast of Florida and brought torrential rain to New York. This meant that flights were delayed and planes from Newark to the UK were unable to leave. The three ladies ended up on different flights back to the UK, but made it home safely, after totalling over 100 hours travel time between them.

Trinidad, We Thank you
We would like to extend our very special thanks again to Ronald, James, Bernard, Robin and everyone else in Trinidad, who made our stay so comfortable and rewarding.
Good-bye until next time.

(Photo 13) Training in Barataria conducted by Grand Master: Class was always full & well attended.
(Photo #14) Black Belt & Higher Degree Grading held in Aranguez on 28th August 2016.

Richard is presented his birthday cake at the party. His wife Betty (centre) and their family friend Carla Arthur were also at the dinner.

Bajan Celebrates Birthday in London

Richard Blackman, Wu Shu Kwan’s chief instructor of Barbados, West Indies, was invited to a surprise birthday dinner organised by John de Rebello, Laura Delaney and Jaswinder Sekhon while on a WSK training holiday in London. Attending along with Richard for his 65th birthday celebration were Betty, his wife, and Carla Arthur, a family friend living in England.

The dinner was held on Tuesday, 3rd November 2015 at a well-known curry restaurant in Hounslow, Middlesex. The food was excellent and plentiful, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

It was a very pleasant surprise to see Celia Sisman (5th Degree Black Belt) and Peter Taylor (1st Degree Black Belt) at the dinner after their long absence from WSK classes. There were many others attending, and they can be seen in the group photograph below.

Happy birthday, Richard!


Wu Shu Kwan members and instructors at the surprise dinner party for Richard Blackman’s 65th birthday.


Another Successful Advancement and Revision Seminar
held on Sunday, 25th October 2015



The Wu Shu Kwan seminar was another fully attended and rewarding day. It was conducted by Grand Master C K Chang and Senior Master Eddie Cheah, with the help of team leaders Colin Johnson, Andy Hucklesby, Trish Chang, Peter Lewis, and Jeff Joseph, supported by many senior Wu Shu Kwan (WSK) instructors (please see group and team photos).

Grand Master gives a rundown on the day’s procedure.

Hard But Enjoyable Training

As always, the seminar was fully attended. Despite the long and tiring day, everybody enjoyed the very rewarding experience.
The junior members all benefited tremendously from the knowledgeable, helpful and attentive senior instructors.

Warming-up before the mission begins.

Precious And Unique Wu Shu Kwan Techniques

The techniques and knowledge of Grand Master C K Chang were more than just pleasurable and enlightening – his teachings and guidance elevated all the dedicated senior Black Belts’ understanding and achievement to a new horizon.

You Ain’t Learnt Nothing Yet

All senior WSK instructors worth their salt realise the value and importance of training under the Grand Master. There is so much to be learnt from him that they arrange their lives around these seminars.

There is a strong belief here and abroad, especially in the West Indies, that no one can be a complete martial artist without having trained with him!

VIP from Barbados

WSK seminars always attract our instructors from around the world; this time without exception, Senior Master Richard Blackman (5th Degree Black Belt), our WSK chief instructor of Barbados, West Indies, flew in specially to participate.

Richard Blackman (left) is a very popular instructor, and was well received by all the seniors on the day.

Richard Blackman (5th Degree Black Belt), chief instructor of WSK Barbados (West Indies), flew in specially for this seminar.


Assessment of Grading Candidates

Candidates planning to sit for their 1st and 5th Degree Black Belt were also in attendance. They had the opportunity to perform in front of the Grand Master and their team leader(s) in order to be assessed. As expected, they all performed well and plan to grade in November 2015.

A Very Rewarding Day

At the end of the seminar, those who attended were so happy of their new-found knowledge and already looking forward to the next one.


Grand Master
C. K. Chang

Senior Master
Eddie Cheah

A strong team led by Eddie Cheah, Phil Hames & Gustave Salako.

Another strong team led by Colin Johnson & Andy Hucklesby.

One of the strongest & most popular teams led by Trish Chang & Richard Blackman.

The team led by Peter Lewis, Jeff Joseph & Adison Bridet.

The team led by Andrea Farmer & Amit Roychoudhury.

Des Radcliffe (4th Degree Black Belt) (left), a senior WSK instructor of Cardiff (South Wales), is also the official WSK photographer.

Falling in to begin the seminar.
At the end of the day, a happy & proud group photo of all those who attended the seminar showing off their certificate
of attendance.
  Read All About Him

Senior Master Brian Fish –
A Wu Shu Kwan Big Fish in Scotland


Brian Fish (4th Degree Black Belt) on the cover of the bankers' magazine.
(Photo: The Bankers' Magazine)

An Important Wu Shu Kwan Member
Brian Fish is a very important member, and Wu Shu Kwan (WSK) is extremely grateful for his support and dedication.

Black Belt Banker
Recently he appears on the cover of a bankers' magazine Black Belt Banker. We are indebted to this magazine for reproducing two of their photographs here. You are invited to read about this interesting article by clicking here.

29 Years is Not Enough!
Brian has been with WSK for the past 29 years, and he is planning to complete the prestigious and revered WSK 5th Degree Black Belt – for him, only WSK 5th Degree Black Belt awarded by Grand Master C. K. Chang will do! Say no more.

Joining Brian in Training
Click here, if you are interested in joining Brian in WSK training, he runs a class in Edinburgh on every Wednesday evening.

Best Wishes
All the instructors and members of WSK wish Brian the very best in achieving the WSK 5th Degree Black Belt – soon.

Chopping 2 building bricks with his bare hand some years ago. Whatever happened to his hair now?

Showing a perfect side kick – still an envy of any martial artist half his age.
(Photo: The Bankers' Magazine)


Another Successful and Enjoyable
Wu Shu Kwan Advancement & Revision Seminar


Grand Master
C. K. Chang

Senior Master
Eddie Cheah

The seminar is about to begin.

Andy Hucklesby demonstrating a sitting technique using an outward curve kick to Gustave Salako.

Trish Chang using a lateral hand parry together with a spurn kick to Marios Sergiou’s knife attack.

Tyrone Tairu (left), The Special One, using a well-timed side kick against his twin brother Kenny's flying side kick. Both brothers are dedicated Wu Shu Kwan instructors and possess great skills.


The seminar was held on Sunday, 12th April 2015 conducted by Grand Master C. K. Chang and Senior Master Eddie Cheah, with the help of team leaders Andy Hucklesby, Trish Chang, Peter Lewis, Peter Johnson, Jeff Joseph and Paul Ingleton, supported by many senior Wu Shu Kwan instructors (please see group and team photos in this report).

Dedicated Training

The seminar was fully attended. Despite being a very long and hard day, the enthusiasm and willingness of all participants to learn correctly made it enjoyable and rewarding. Each and every one attending was very helpful and sincere, showing the true spirit of WSK.
The senior instructors were knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, whilst the more junior members receptive and appreciative.

Priceless Historical Background and Practical Techniques

The training under Grand Master was more than just pleasurable and enlightening – his guidance transcends the limits of the understanding and techniques of everyone’s achievement in martial art by adding depth and authenticty: his teaching and knowledge are matchless.

The Special One

We had a special visitor all the way from Canada, Senior Master Tyrone Tairu (4th Degree Black Belt). To find out more about Tyrone click here.

Assessment of Grading Candidates

Candidates planning to sit for their Black Belt, 2nd Degree Black Belt and higher were also in attendance. They had the opportunity to perform in front of their team leader in order to be assessed. The great majority of them appeared to have learnt and performed very well.

Measureable Improvement

Those candidates who sat for the past grading performed at higher level of accuracy of movements, better free-sparring and breaking after attending previous WSK seminars. Therefore many other candidates are looking forward to their turn to be invited to the seminar.

Staunch and Sincere Wu Shu Kwan Supporters

Wu Shu Kwan wants to thank all the participants because they really made the seminar a happy, successful and memorable one.

Andrea Farmer jumping to avoid Peter Lewis’s stick attack to her legs.

Peter Johnson demonstrating how to use a knee technique to Aldo Bruno’s head in free sparring.

Adison Bridet delivering a punch to Jeff Joseph, who counter-attacks with a chop.

Paul Ingleton showing how a proper side kick should be delivered.

A group photo of Wu Shu Kwan's high-ranking group leaders, their senior assistants and their group members happily displaying their certificate received for their completion of the advancement seminar.

  A Dedicated Visitor from Canada    

Tyrone Tairu (4th Degree Black Belt)

Exemplary Instructor

Senior Master Tyrone Tairu (4th Degree Black Belt), Wu Shu Kwan’s instructor in Vancouver, is a great supporter of Wu shu Kwan – he makes regular visits to London to specially train with Grand Master C. K. Chang. His dedication and determination to constantly improve and further his techniques and knowledge never cease to inspire other fellow instructors.

Special Trip


Tyrone made a special trip to London to train with Grand Master with a view to further his achievement in Wu Shu Kwan. He planned this trip with the main intention of attending the Advancement and Revision Seminar held on 12th April 2015 (click here for the seminar report).

You can read about Tyrone by clicking here.


Tryone Tairu (1st right, middle row) with fellow members taken at Grand Master’s Fulham WSK class on 8th April 2015.


A Scientist’s Love for Wu Shu Kwan Training
– Our Man from CERN


Adrian Oeftiger (Blue Belt)

A Scientist from CERN

Adrian Oeftiger, a CERN scientist from the WSK club in Geneva, attended a conference on accelerator physics in Oxford, England, and he made it a point to train with Grand Master at his Fulham, London class. At the same time he had the chance to catch up with Trish Chang, Lucy Outred and Camila Lake, who he met after their last visit to CERN to help with the intensive Wu Shu Kwan training for a promotion grading conducted by Grand Master. Unfortunately, Gustave Salako and Steve Bishop (Liverpool), who were also members of the London demonstration team were unable to be at the Fulham class because of work commitments. Please see the group photos taken after the Fulham class training and last year’s grading group photo.

What is CERN?

CERN (short for the European Organization for Nuclear Research) is the world’s largest particle physics laboratory situated near Geneva, Switzerland. For more information about CERN, please click here.

Inside the Heart of a Scientist

Adrian’s great desire to attain the much sought-after and treasured Wu Shu Kwan Black Belt has made him determined to continue his training in CERN and London, however time consuming it may be.

Dr Androula Alekou

The CERN class was started by Dr Androula Alekou, another brilliant scientist. If you want to know more about her, please click here.

Many Great Friends

Adrian has made many great friends within WSK because of his friendly and sincere attitude. He plans to invite Gustave, Steve, Lucy, Camila and Androula to CERN to continue with his training and grading.

Dedication and Faultless Planning

We admire his absolute dedication and detailed planning. All at WSK will support him in all possible ways and we wish him every success in achieving his Wu Shu Kwan Black Belt ambition.

(Text and photos by John de Rebello, Michael Johnson and Camila Lake)

Adrian (2nd right, front row) with Grand Master, Black Belts and friends at Fulham Wu Shu Kwan class after training.

A group photo taken at the CERN grading in 2014 – Adrian is second from the left in the front row.


A Welcome Visitor from Jamaica
– the Land of Reggae and Sunshine


Neville Scott (Brown Belt)

Our Man from Jamaica

Neville Scott, a Brown Belt from Jamaica Wu Shu Kwan, visited Grand Master C K Chang’s Willesden class in London with a view to preparing for his Black Belt grading. He trained hard under the supervision of Grand Master and other senior Black Belt holders (please see the accompanying group photo), and showed great ability and understanding of Wu Shu Kwan techniques.


He is extremely fortunate, and spoilt for choice, to be able to sit for his Black Belt grading in England, Trinidad or Jamaica so as to suit him.

Many New Friends

He has made a lot of new Wu Shu Kwan friends during this trip, and they will all be keeping in touch with him about his progress toward sitting for his Black Belt. Even the Chief Instructor of Trinidad and Tobago, Senior Master Dr Ronald Noel, has been in touch to offer his help and hospitality in inviting Neville to visit Trinidad for training.

Jamaica's Wu Shu Kwan Administrator

By the way, Neville is the Wu Shu Kwan’s administrator in Jamaica, and if anyone is interested in Wu Shu Kwan training there, please click here for his contact details.

Best Wishes

All the Wu Shu Kwan instructors and members would like to wish him every success in attaining his Black Belt in the near future.

Neville (2nd right, front row) with Grand Master and the Black Belts at Willesden Wu Shu Kwan class after training.

First Wu Shu Kwan grading in Jamaica held in 1976 by Grand Master C. K. Chang, almost 40 years ago.


End-of-Year Training Session in Trinidad


Group photo of end-of-year training session on Saturday, 29th November 2014.

Senior Master Ronald Noel, WSK's chief instructor of Trinidad, conducted an end-of-year training session on Saturday, 29th November 2014 at Mehalal Community Centre in Aranguez, Trinidad.

The training was intended for instructors as well as Black and Brown Belt holders.

Some of them followed up the following weekend for an end-of-year "lime" (a get-together party Trinidadian style) with traditional Trinidad & Tobago dishes of curried goat and stewed chicken with buss up shut (paratha roti). These tasty dishes were prepared by the wives of Robin Singh and Joseph Mohanlal, who are both WSK instructors in Trinidad.

The instructors and students in Trinidad would like to extend their season's greeting with all good wishes for the New Year to all WSK members.

Eagerly awaiting delicious food to be served.
Sharing their training anecdotes before eating.

A Report on the Enjoyable
Wu Shu Kwan Advancement & Revision Seminar
Held on 26th October 2014


Grand Master C. K. Chang (right) and Senior Master Eddie Cheah (8th Degree Black Belt) demonstrating defence against a stick attack. They have been training together since childhood, going back 65 years!



The seminar was held on Sunday, 26th October 2014, conducted by Grand Master C. K. Chang and Senior Master Eddie Cheah – they have known each other and have trained together for more than 65 years; to this day he still trains with Grand Master every week.


Group Leaders

Group leaders assisting on the day were Andy Hucklesby, Trish Chang, Peter Lewis, Peter Johnson, Jeffrey Joseph and Evelyn Ingleton. Please see the group photo at the end of this article of all those who attended.

One noticeable absentee was Senior Master Colin Johnson; he had to look after his mother who unfortunately suffers from severe dementia.

Hard but Rewarding Training

Everybody was very glad to learn correctly the authentic WSK techniques from Grand Master himself. All those attending put in their best effort to learn and practise.

WSK members practising techniques being taught to them with great concentration while under the watchful eye of their respective team leaders.

Although it was a very tiring day, the eagerness of all those who attended kept them going. When the going got tough, the enthusiastic got going. You could notice the satisfaction from their expression.


New Opportunities

Those intending to sit for their Black Belt and for 2nd Degree Black Belt were also in attendance. And they had the opportunity to perform in front of their group leader in order to be assessed for eligibility to sit for the grading. The great majority of them appeared to have learnt and performed well.


Special Thanks to Senior Master Des Radcliffe

He is the official WSK photographer, and his photographs have livened up the pages of WSK website and Facebook page for many years. By the way, he has been with WSK for 43 years!


Senior Master Andy Hucklesby leading the practice of the Wu Shu Kwan stick form while Grand Master, Senior Master Eddie Cheah and other team leaders look on.

Grand Master’s Seminar in Great Demand

After the seminar, many who were fortunate to attend had emailed WSK to express how much they had enjoyed the experience and how much they treasured the real knowledge.

Even before the seminar came to an end, numerous requests have already been received for another follow-up. The likely date for this will be sometime in April 2015.


Many thanks for your sincere support.


Group photo of Wu Shu Kwan's high-ranking group leaders, their senior assistants and their group members proudly displaying their certificate received at the seminar for their achievement.



Amit Roychoudhury’s Wedding

Many congratulations to Senior Master Amit Roychoudhury (5th Degree Black Belt, MSci, FIA ) on his marriage to Sreety Das on Saturday, 26th July 2014. The ceremony was held in West Ealing, London according to the traditional Hindu marriage, one of the most beautiful and colourful ceremonies.

Sreety and Amit (known as 'Roy' in WSK) met two years ago and got engaged in Rome last September.

Sreety trains at Roy's class in Palmers Green, London and has met many WSK instructors and members. Many of them attended the wedding and reception.

The new couple is now on their honeymoon, and will be visiting exotic Tanzania and beautiful Seychelles.

WSK wish them both a long and happy life together.


The newly weds, Roy and Sreety, with Grand Master C. K. Chang and Trish.

Gustave and Dominika join in for a quick photo shoot with the newly-weds, inviting Grand Master to join them.

A happy group photo of all the WSK instructors and members taken at the wedding of Roy and Sreety.
Another group photo after a quick rearrangement.

A Special and an Unforgettable Trip to Geneva
(July 2014)

Grand Master C. K. Chang led a team of Wu Shu Kwan (WSK) instructors and Black Belts travelling to Geneva in July 2014 to conduct a class, hold a grading and give a demonstration of WSK techniques to our members, and staff and researchers of CERN.

CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) is the world’s largest particle physics laboratory situated near Geneva, Switzerland. It is a vast complex where most of the activities are currently directed towards operating the new Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Using massive magnets, particle beams are generated and are whizzed round a 27km circular tunnel located 100 metres underground smashing them into each other at close to the speed of light, in order to re-create the same conditions that existed just after the Big Bang. Its enormous size and scientific installations (including its magnets) have got to be seen to be believed.


The WSK training was conducted in one of the halls in CERN and all our members were very enthusiastic and trained very hard because they felt extremely honoured to train under Grand Master.

Regular training at CERN is run by Dr Androula Alekou (1st Degree Black Belt), who is an accomplished WSK instructor and a brilliant scientist; the latter accolade can also be ascribed to most of the WSK students training with her – so many outstanding PhD degree holders in one WSK class! She is known to her friends and students as Andri.

Tour of CERN

Following the training session, a tour was organised for the London team. All visitors require a special individual permit/pass to enter the premises. The tour was such an unforgettable experience for each and every one of us.

Chill Time

In the evening, Andri (CERN WSK instructor) and her students organised a picnic in a park with stunning scenery next to Lake Geneva. In such beautiful surroundings one can easily lose oneself doing nothing all day long just taking in and marvelling at the scenery.

The Swiss love their outdoor life, and toward the evening a big crowd had already assembled in and around the park. As the evening got darker, there was a large outdoor cinema screen showing a free movie for added entertainment. Andri and her students had picked a good spot for us all to sit and laze in timeless comfort with the help of plenty of food and drinks, making it a very enjoyable evening.


The grading was conducted by Grand Master. Since the candidates had all prepared themselves very well, they went on to pass with flying colours.


The audience was most impressed by WSK techniques, especially those involving breaking. A selection of photographs of breaking from the demonstration can be seen accompanying this article. Members of the demonstration team led by Grand Master were: Trish Chang, Gustave Salako, Des Radcliffe, Steve Bishop, Alex Sutter, Lucy Outred, Camila Lake, Androula Alekou and Pritesh Mehta.

Special Guests of Honour

Alex Sutter (2nd Degree Black Belt) and his wife, Iris, both Swiss, started training with Grand Master 44 years ago. They specially made the journey of over 240 km in order to be present at this momentous occasion. Alex joined in the training session and thoroughly enjoyed it.
* Know more about Alex *

Farewell Dinner

The London and CERN WSK teams got together for a nice meal at an Italian restaurant in Geneva before saying our farewells.

We will meet again!


A spectacular and mind-numbing view of the Hadron Collider.

Grand Master C. K. Chang and Trish during the CERN tour.

Our special guests of honour, Alex and Iris Sutter, enjoying the tour with the WSK team.

Part of the WSK group waiting for the lift to take them 100 metres underground.

A group photo in front of a life-size image of the Hadron Collider.


Alex (left) called up his WSK knowledge he learned 44 years ago from Grand Master to defend himself against a stick attack.

Steve slicing a building block placed on a table.
Gustave chopping 4 building blocks.
Lucy breaking a building block with her palm.
Camila breaking a building block with a side kick.
Gustave punching a stack of 12 roofing tiles.
Androula chopping a building block.
Gustave breaking 5 building blocks, placed on a table, with a side kick.
Androula punching a stack of 5 roofing tiles.
A selfie in the park next to Lake Geneva.
The picnic in the park in full flow.
Taken before the training session.
A group photo taken at the grading.
Group photo taken outside the restaurant after the farewell dinner.

If you want to know more about where they teach:

*Grand Master C. K. Chang (8th Degree Black Belt)
   Fulham (London SW6)
   Willesden (London NW10)
*Trish Chang (7th Degree Black Belt)
   Guinness World Record Holer
   Fulham (London SW6)
   Willesden (London NW10)
*Gustave Salako (5th Degree Black Belt)
   South Kensington (London SW7) (Imperial College)
*Des Radcliffe (4th Degree Black Belt)
   Cardiff (South Wales)
*Steve Bishop (5th Degree Black Belt)
   Aigburth (Liverpool L17
*Lucy Outred (3rd Degree Black Belt)
   Twickenham (Middlesex TW2)
*Camila Lake (2nd Degree Black Belt)
   South Kensington (London SW7) (Imperial College)
*Dr Androula (Andri) Alekou (1st Degree Black Belt)
   CERN (Near Geneva, Switzerland)

Members all over the world are warmly welcome to train – please show your Wu Shu Kwan membership card

  The Dragon Rowers        
A happy group photo of the Tadworth WSK rowing team.

Enter the Dragon Rowers

For the third year running, Tadworth WSK competed in the annual Kingston Dragon Boat Challenge in Surrey to raise money for the Children's Trust.

The Children’s Trust Charity

"The Children’s Trust is the UK's leading charity for children with brain injury. We work with children and young people from across the UK, both from our specialist centre in Tadworth, Surrey and in communities around the country".

The Trust is kind enough to let Tadworth WSK use their hall on a Saturday morning for our WSK class, so raising money for this worthwhile charity is our way of giving something back. If you would like to make a donation, please visit our justgiving page.

Tadworth WSK Team

The rowers competing in the event were led by Aldo Breda (4th Degree Black Belt) and co-ordinated by Peter Georgiou, on whose swimming and rowing knowledge the team depended. Other WSK Black Belts and members include Pedro Martins, Julia Liles,  Faye Brislen Asher, Simon Dixon, Will Carew, Kevin Canavan, Janna Howard, Betti Reeves and Paulo Ribeiro.

The WSK team has a little help from friends and family to make up the numbers, namely, Chris Asher, Rachael Georgiou, Sarah Wiltshire, Lee Westcott, Tracy Van Doven and Patrick Milnes.

Our Dragon Boat team for 2014, creatively called Wu Shu Kwan, was captained by Peter Georgiou, who expertly (and patiently) organises our team’s entry each year. This time we finished a respectable 31 out of 54 teams.

Looking Forward to 2015

Whilst we have never quite made it to the finals, we had a fantastic day and look forward to participating again next year. We are really glad to be able to contribute towards the excellent charity work of the Children’s Trust. We hope you enjoy browsing through some photos of the day, and if you are in the neighbourhood in 2015 come along and cheer us on – you never know, we may even make the finals.


Some of the members warming up and getting into the spirit for some serious rowing.

The Tadworth WSK rowers take up their positions.

Making their way to the starting point.

Waiting for the starter’s order.

Time to chill out after the race.

Lily Wang Becomes a Mum


Lily had given birth to a baby girl in Beijing on 1st July 2014, and she has been named A'isha. Mother and daughter are both doing well.


Her Chinese name is Han-Xi (Yao), which means the sun in the morning.


It is wonderful news right across Wu Shu Kwan. Many congratulations to Lily and her husband Yao Jie.


Wu Shu Kwan wish them and their daughter all the happiness and good health.


Baby A'isha.

* Know more about Dr Lily Wang *


Lily & Yao Jie on their wedding day (24th July 2011) in Beijing.


Dave Carver and Hannah White's Wedding

Love & Friendship Abound in Wu Shu Kwan

Love was in the air at the wedding of Dave and Hannah Carver. Dave and Hannah (née White) are both Wu Shu Kwan (WSK) Black Belt instructors from Tadley, Hampshire.  Their wedding took place at the fantastic venue of Audleys Wood in Basingstoke on 17th May 2014.


How They Met

Dave and Hannah met through WSK and have a beautiful daughter, Rose, who is 2 years old.

A number of WSK students and high ranking instructors, both past and present, who have influenced Dave and Hannah were in attendance, including Simon Gillett, the man responsible for introducing Dave to WSK some 28 years ago, and Celia Sisman, one of the most admired and respected WSK 5th Degree Black Belt holder.

Special Highlights

Amongst a number of highlights, was the wedding cake which had a certain oriental feel.  It was designed by Dave and Hannah and represented a Rose between two cranes surrounded in cherry blossom.  The cake was decorated in a yin and yang and a Chinese happiness symbol embossed in white icing.  The cutting of the cake was carried out with a set of martial art swords.
The evening ended with a disco and casino which proved to be very popular amongst the guests.



The happy couple and Rose had a great honeymoon in the city of York, England.


Best wishes

WSK wish them both a long and happy life together.


The newly-weds, Dave & Hannah.

A beautiful photo of the bride in the park.

Hannah reminds Dave who the boss will be from now on
as witnessed by Phil & John.
The happy couple with their adorable daughter Rose.
Cutting the wedding cake in style with a martial art sword.
Casino and disco are very popular with the guests.
Group photo of WSK members & instructors at the wedding.

High-Ranking Wu Shu Kwan Black Belt
Pops Up from Down Under

Wu Shu Kwan received a surprise visit from Senior Master Mark Lewer (5th Degree Black Belt). Grand Master C.K. Chang, Trish and Jeff met him for a coffee and a long catch-up at Whiteleys in Bayswater, London on Monday, 14th July 2014.

Mark is now living in Perth, West Australia, with his wife and their three sons. They are all doing very well and living a good life: very happy and extremely prosperous.

Following our coffee, Mark and Jeff got together in the afternoon for a few hours' training and revision, with a view to reacquaint himself to carrying on instructing Wu Shu Kwan from where he left off. He has promised to get in touch frequently and let us know how he gets on with the spreading of Wu Shu Kwan teaching and its unique philosophy.

We wish him and his family all the very best for the future.

(From left) Grand Master, Trish, Mark & Jeff at Whiteleys in Bayswater, London
  A Report on the Successful
Wu Shu Kwan Advancement and Revision Seminar

Sunday, 6th April 2014


Grand Master C. K. Chang

A short introductory talk on the day at the fully attended seminar by Grand Master C. K. Chang

The seminar was conducted by Grand Master C. K. Chang assisted by group leaders Colin Johnson, Andy Hucklesby, Trish Chang, Peter Lewis, Peter Johnson and Richard Ross. All in all, thirty-eight senior members and officials attended. Please see the group photo of those who attended.

  One noticeable absentee was Senior Master Eddie Cheah: he is currently on a 40-day tour of Southeast Asia including Singapore, Malaysia, Burma and Laos.


Intensive and Interesting Training

At the seminar, the training was comprehensive and very rewarding. Everybody was absolutely tuned in to the correctness and efficient performance as well as the practical application of all the Wu Shu Kwan techniques, and precious knowledge expertly imparted by Grand Master was continually received and absorbed by them.

  The training was tiring, but you could notice the wearied bodies being buoyed up by the happy atmosphere, and vitalised by the encouraging and enlightening words of Grand Master. The whole class was like a big family reunion enjoying themselves.


A Long but Fruitful Day

The seminar started at 9:40 am and it didn’t finish until about 6:00 pm, with a snack and refreshment break in-between for twenty minutes followed by a brief group photo session arranged by Des Radcliffe.


Strict Code of the Past

Grand Master let the seminar into the old practice in his days when new recruits had to take an oath of allegiance, training secrecy and strict code of respect. Those martial art styles or organisations were not secret societies, but nevertheless they had training secrets to protect. All members were taught to be unquestioningly loyal to their organisation and instructors; absolutely respectful to their seniors and peers; and tirelessly helpful to and valiantly protective of their juniors.

  Wu Shu Kwan members nowadays do not take any such oath as Grand Master used to do. However, it is an excellent idea to preserve that sort of martial art spirit, and the importance of honesty and righteousness cannot be too strongly emphasised.

Grand Master disarming a soldier armed with a bayonet. Practical martial arts, such as Wu Shu Kwan Chinese Kickboxing, originated from the military art.
  Grand master spent many years here and abroad instructing various armed forces and commando units.

Kicking an apple off someone's head: a classic study of Grand Master C K Chang's achievement in martial art involving extreme precision, agility and skill with sheer elegance.


Record and Historic Gathering of Black Belt Degrees

The gathering of Black Belt holders at this seminar totalled 161 degrees (of Black Belt)! What an awesome record! Everybody was extremely proud to be counted as part of that magical number.


We Shall Meet Again

Grand Master has subsequently been inundated with earnest requests by those who have attended the seminar and those who have missed out to hold another one – soon. He is now seriously considering another seminar as and when time permits.

Group photo of Wu Shu Kwan's high-ranking instructors & outstanding members totalling 161 degrees of Black Belt.
They are shown with their certificate received at the seminar for their achievement.

First Wu Shu Kwan Grading at CERN (Geneva)


First WSK Grading in Switzerland

The first ever WSK grading in Switzerland was held at the CERN Centre, Geneva, Switzerland on the morning of Sunday, 30th March 2014.

Grading Preparation Details
Master Instructress Dr Andri Alekou (1st Degree Black Belt, PhD), the instructor at CERN WSK, organised the grading to be held on Sunday morning, and the examiner representing Grand Master C.K. Chang was Senior Master Gustave Salako (5th Degree Black Belt), an official WSK instructor at Imperial College, London.
  Gustave travelled to Geneva on the morning of Saturday, 29th March, and was met at the airport by Andri and a couple of her students.
  A special class was conducted in the afternoon so that the students could benefit from some extra tuition before their grading the next day.


Special Guest of Honour
The special guest of honour joining Andri and Gustave was Senior Master Alex Sutter (2nd Degree Black Belt), along with his wife Iris, making the journey of over 240 km in order to be present at this momentous occasion.

Emotional and Encouraging Words

After the grading, Andri and Gustave invited Alex to say a few words to the candidates. Alex expressed how very impressed he was with the dedication, interest and discipline shown by the CERN WSK students, who have only been together for just over 8 months. He was happy to see that the true team spirit and collegiality that he experienced during his WSK training days with the Grand Master in London during the 1970’s still exists today with the WSK ‘family’, and is stronger than ever. Andri, Gustave and the students found his heartfelt words to be touching and moving.

Dedicated Instructor and Members
Gustave and Alex jointly complimented the dedication of the instructress, Andri, and her students, some of whom have families and have to drive 40 minutes every time to attend the CERN WSK class.

A Job Well Done
Our thanks go to Senior Master Gustave Salako, Master Instructress Andri Alekou and Senior Master Alex Sutter on a job well done.

Grading Results
Click here to view the pass list.

There will be a WSK demonstration at CERN, led by Grand Master, toward the end of June or beginning of July this year, and this demo will be held over a weekend. Any WSK seniors who are interested can contact Trish at the WSK headquarters.

Unique Opportunity
Andri will arrange for a scientist to give a tour of CERN for the WSK demonstration team. It is not an opportunity to be missed.


CERN, where this grading was held.

Wu Shu Kwan examiners and their partners: (from left) Andri (CERN, Geneva), Alex and Iris (Widen, Switzerland) and Gustave and Dominika (London).

Saturday afternoon practice session held outdoors at CERN, taking advantage of the beautiful weather and surrounding.

Wu Shu Kwan examiners: (from left) Gustave, Andri and Alex.

Gustave and Andri giving a pre-grading talk.

Wu Shu Kwan examiners and members enjoying a meal together after the grading.

Group photo taken after the grading.

My Wu Shu Kwan Training Holiday in Barbados
by Laura Delaney


Hi Trish,


I had a fantastic time training with Barbados Wu Shu Kwan under Richard Blackman. I trained with the club each Saturday, and Richard really helped me by revising all the forms and spent time helping me with my breaking and fighting. I really enjoyed training with him.


One evening the club treated me and my family to a delicious meal and we had a wonderful evening; it was great fun, and firm friendships were made. We were touched by the warm welcome, kindness and hospitality shown to us by everyone.


Before we left we took Ella, our three year old, along to meet everyone at the club and she showed Richard her blocks and stances! When we finally said our goodbyes she was so sad she cried!


We will definitely keep in touch and I look forward to training with Richard again in Barbados, or maybe meet up with him in the UK during his family's planned Wu Shu Kwan training holiday in 2015.


Love, Laura
March 2014

Laura Delaney

Richard Blackman (chief instructor of Barbados Wu Shu Kwan) with Ella, Laura's daughter.

Laura and her family after a training session.
Everybody is ready for action!

Dr Androula Alekou
Pioneering Wu Shu Kwan Training in CERN


She is a brilliant Black Belt holder, and has now created history by teaching Wu Shu Kwan Chinese Kickboxing to the scientists.

What is CERN?
CERN is the acronym in French for the European Organisation for Nuclear Research and situated across Franco-Swiss border near Geneva. It is often referred to as the European Laboratory for Particle Physics. Its 27-km-circumference Large Hadron Collider is the World's largest and most powerful particle accelerator.

Androula with Grand Master C. K. Chang (left) and Trish Chang.

Dr Androula Alekou
Androula was born in Cyprus. She pursued her bachelor studies in Physics at the University of Cyprus and completed her doctorate studies in High Energy and Accelerator Physics at the well-known Imperial College London.
At the moment she is a physics researcher at CERN, where she also teaches Wu Shu Kwan Chinese Kickboxing.

A brick signed by her students presented to Androula for remembrance.


Favourite Hobbies & Pastimes
She likes martial art and sports; apart from being a Wu Shu Kwan instructor, in her spare time she enjoys horse riding, boxing and playing football. She also loves painting and playing the guitar.

How to Train with Androula?
Please go to her Wu Shu Kwan class details or visit her website at CERN to find out more.


Senior Master Gustave Salako (5th Degree Black Belt), the official WSK examiner representing the Grand Master.

First Official Wu Shu Kwan Grading
Senior Master Gustave Salako (5th Degree Black Belt), representing Grand Master C. K. Chang, will conduct the first official WSK grading there. Details of the grading are as follows:
Sunday, 30th March 2014
CERN Pump Hall
(Room 216)
Near Geneva


Senior Master Alex Sutter (2nd Degree Black Belt), special guest of honour.

Special Guest of Honour
Senior Master Alex Sutter (2nd Degree Black Belt), a long-standing Swiss WSK member will be the special guest of honour at the grading.

Androula has great support for her Wu Shu Kwan class in CERN by her students!

Aussies Bring Happy News
to All at Wu Shu Kwan


The news from Bernie Sharland is always great and exciting, and he has done a great job down under. Many Wu Shu Kwan members from the UK have visited him and his class from time to time, and always received a big and warm Australian welcome.


Remarkable Duo
Christopher Cigulev and Adam Haque are two of Bernie's recent Wu Shu Kwan Black Belt additions, and they represent the best in the world. Their achievement must be due to their Aussie lifestyle: they are just very good at learning and training very, very hard – and enjoying it! Wu Shu Kwan grows much stronger with their dedication.


Training with the Aussie
If you want to train with Bernie Sharland, you can look up his class details.


Bernie's students Adam Haque (left) and Christopher Cigulev proudly and happily showing off their coveted Wu Shu Kwan Black Belt certificate.


Bernie (front right) with his students after a training session.


Senior Master Tyrone Steve Tairu
Visits the Grand Master

Tyrone moved to Vancouver, Canada thirteen years ago, and he still pays regular visits to the Grand Master whenever he is in London. He still has a lot of connections with London’s senior Wu Shu Kwan instructors.

About Tyrone
He holds a 4th Degree Black Belt in Wu Shu Kwan, and taught for many years in London and Vancouver.
  Under his calm, peaceful and pleasant persona, he possesses great skill and power. He is a very popular and trustworthy instructor.
Wu Shu Kwan has always been a very important part of Tyrone’s life, and he values the life-long friends he has made in this organisation.
Tyrone (left) using a well-timed side kick against his twin brother Kenny's flying side kick. Both brothers are dedicated Wu Shu Kwan instructors and possess great skills.

Enjoying Wu Shu Kwan Training
At any available opportunity, Tyrone will always try to get to a Wu Shu Kwan class, training mainly with the Grand Master in Willesden and Senior Master Peter Johnson in East Dulwich.


Training in Willesden with the Grand Master
On Saturday, 18th January 2014, he attended the training session in Willesden and some Black Belts made a special trip to the class to catch up with him. They all had a very enjoyable time training together.


Valuable Advice
At the end of his last session in Willesden, Tyrone was invited to say a few words to the class and he emphasised the importance and benefits of loyalty to Wu Shu Kwan and fellow instructors. He was applauded by everyone, especially the senior Black Belts, for his appreciation of Wu Shu Kwan.


Safe and Pleasant Journey
Wu Shu Kwan would like to wish him a safe and pleasant journey home, and we look forward to his next trip.

Tyrone with Grand Master and all the Black Belts at Willesden WSK who trained with Tyrone on that day.
Tyrone is seen training in the class: he is third from the right in the front row.
A group photo for remembrance.

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Many congratulations on their extraordinary achievement in the academic field, their new arrival in the family, their personal consummation, their …
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Dr Chris Kai-Hu Chang
Brown Belt
MA (Cantab), MBBS (London), MRCP (UK), DTM&H, Medical Gold Medal Winner 2007
Wu Shu Kwan's Principal Medical Adviser

      Catherine How
3rd Degree Black Belt
BEng (Hons), ACA
      Pedro Martins
2nd Degree Black Belt
      Najib Orfani
1st Degree Black Belt
      Amit Roychoudhury
5th Degree Black Belt
      Dr Lily Wang Huan
Maroon Belt

Where Are They Now?
A selection of those members who have been away but are still in touch with and close to Wu Shu Kwan.
Click picture or name to read about the latest news:

      Matthew Guntrip
1st Degree Black Belt
      Anthony F. Lazare
2nd Degree Black Belt
      Patrick Maher
3rd Degree Black Belt
      Alex Sutter
2nd Degree Black Belt

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