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  Country:  Switzerland        Area/City/Town:  Geneva        Location:  CERN

Wednesdays   8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Room 216
Pump Hall
Near Geneva

Special Notes:
New class
     New members very welcome
     For more details, please visit
     CERN Wu Shu Kwan Website

     Senior Master Instructress

     Dr Androula Alekou
     3rd Degree Black Belt, PhD

Awarded Black Belt:



     Androula's CERN Wu Shu Kwan Website

     * No photography or videoing allowed
     * Please use your mobile phone outside


Androula punching a stack of 8 roofing tiles.


Androula kicking two pieces of wood.

Androula chopping two building blocks.

Androula chopping three building blocks with her bare hand in Germany in October 2020.

Trish Chang visited the class on 9th November 2019.
Wu Shu Kwan training is extremely popular with the CERN scientists.

Grand Master C. K. Chang trained the CERN group on 19/07/2014.


Lucy breaking a building block with her palm.

Androula chopping a building block.


Gustave punching a stack of 12 roofing tiles.

Camila breaking a building block with a side kick.

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