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  Country: England   Area/City/Town: London SW7   Location: South Kensington

Saturdays  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
(Activity Space 1st Floor) Sundays    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
(Union Gym 3rd Floor)

Students Union Building
Beit Quad
Imperial College
Prince Consort Road
South Kensington
London SW7 2BB

Nearest Underground:
     South Kensington

Special Notes:
     Training as usual
     New members most welcome

Security Arrangement:
     If you don't train at these classes regularly,
     please contact the instructor
     before turning up for training
     Gustave 07831 948882
     Arash 07780 704578
     Camila 07949 784576

Instructor (Saturday):
     Senior Master
     Gustave Salako
     5th Degree Black Belt


Awarded Black Belt:



     07831 948882 (mobile)

     * No photography or videoing allowed
     * Please use your mobile phone outside




Gustave is one of the high-ranking martial artists in the world who can break 3 house bricks with a mighty chop.
The chop was so powerful that it pulverises the bricks sending the shattered pieces flying.


Gustave breaking a stack of 12 roofing tiles with his bare fist.


Gustave (right) showing his son Frank how to neutralise a kick.


Gustave breaking 4 pieces of wood with a powerful side kick.


Gustave chopping 2 house bricks with his hand.


Gustave chopping 4 building blocks at a demonstration in CERN, Switzerland 2014


Gustave breaking 5 building blocks, placed on a table, with a side kick
(Photo taken in Cern, Switzerland 2014)


Assistant Instructor (Sunday):
     Senior Master
     Richard Cassim
     3rd Degree Black Belt, BSc (Hons)


Awarded Black Belt:



     07931 738972 (mobile)


Assistant Instructor (Saturday)
& Visiting Instructor (Sunday) :

     Senior Master
     Arash Jamali
     3rd Degree Black Belt, BEng (Hons), MEng


Awarded Black Belt:



     07780 704578 (mobile)


Arash breaking 3 pieces of wood with a side kick.


Arash breaking 2 house bricks with a powerful chop.


Instructor (Sunday)
& Assistant Instuctor (Saturday) :

     Senior Master Instructress
     Camila Lake-Thomson
     2nd Degree Black Belt, BA


Awarded Black Belt:



     07949 784576 (mobile)






Camila breaking a building block with a side kick.


Camila breaking 2 building blocks with a chop.


Camila breaking 2 pieces of wood with a side kick.


Camila breaking a stack of 8 roofing tiles with a punch.


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