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  Country:  England        Area/City/Town:  Middlesex        Location:  Twickenham

     12:00 midday - 2:00 pm

Room #1
Whitton Community Centre
Percy Road
Middlesex TW2 6JL


Nearest Station:
Whitton (British Rail)

Special Notes:
     Class is open Training as usual
     (With safer training schedule during pandemic)
     New members most welcome

     Senior Master Instructress

     Lucy Outred
     3rd Degree Black Belt

Awarded Black Belt:



     07564 737856 (mobile)

     * No photography or videoing allowed
     * Please use your mobile phone outside



Lucy chopping a building block

Lucy breaking a building block with her palm at a demonstration in CERN, Switzerland 2014
Lucy kicking a piece of wood

From your instructor:

Hi class,
I'm looking forward to welcoming you all back. To stay COVID secure all previous precautions will remain in place. This includes the windows open for ventilation. With summer approaching I'm hoping the temperature in the hall will be more amiable than abominable.
  It's been a while since many of you trained. As you start back please take it easy to try and avoid injury. In addition, stayed refreshed and refueled too, I personally recommend Jaffa Cakes for sustenance.


Please observe the following Covid-safe training schedule


Whitton Wu Shu Kwan
Safer Training Schedule for Reducing Risk of Covid-19 Infection

Important: Please read the following guidance if you intend to train at Whitton Community Centre.

As agreed with Whitton Community Centre:

  • You may only train if, for the past 14 days, you have NOT displayed any symptoms of coronavirus (Covid-19), e.g. a new continuous coughing, high temperature, loss of smell/taste, or any flu/cold-like symptom.
  • Remember, you train at your own risk. The insurance included with your Wu Shu Kwan membership does not cover Covid-19.
  • A booking system will be in operation. Contact the resident instructor Lucy (07564 737856), if you are planning to train. Please do so by 9am on the day of training (but preferably before). Training number is limited, a maximum of 9 students, in the training hall. Places will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.
  • If you have confirmed you are training but need to cancel, please let Lucy know by 9am on the day of training, so that your place can be offered to someone else if necessary. Please note if you do not communicate with Lucy about attending, then it will be assumed you are not training that day; it could be very awkward if on that day you had travelled all the way to class finding yourself having no space to train!
  • If for any reason, the class is cancelled that day, Lucy will communicate to those who have confirmed their attendance by 10am on the day of training.
  • Please bring your own refreshments. The kitchen area can only be used with prior permission from manager of the Centre.
  • It is not advisable to change at the Centre. Please come in a clean, washed uniform. If you are travelling by public transport, or walk or cycle to class, your Wu Shu Kwan jacket and belt should be covered, i.e. wear a jumper over the top of your uniform. Alternatively, your jacket and belt can be carried in your training holdall or a clean carrier bag.
  • Anyone dropping off/collecting a student (e.g. parent, partner, friend or prospective enquirer) should wait outside and must not enter the Centre. The activity of the class can be seen through the large window in the car park. If requested, Lucy can always come out of the Centre to meet the visitor.
  • No loitering or waiting in corridor. When you arrive at the Centre, please go straight to the hall. If you arrive early, i.e. before 11:55am, please wait outside.
  • Hand sanitiser is provided by the Centre. Please use on arrival and departure, and when re-entering the training hall, e.g. after visiting the toilet.
  • The Centre will have a one-way system in operation. Enter via main entrance, and exit via the small door in the training hall.
  • Face mask and footwear must be worn in all common areas of the Centre, mainly corridors and toilets.
    However, in the government guidelines, those who are under 11 or with underlying health conditions are exempted from wearing face masks.
  • The toilet facilities are operating on a one in, one out basis. Please observe the rule.
  • The hall will have all windows and doors open, practicality and weather permitting.
  • Whilst masks and footwear are expected to be worn to class; however, during training this will be optional.
  • Students will be advantageously positioned during class to achieve optimal social distancing.
  • Class exercises will be adapted. There will be no pairing up, and floor exercises will be limited. You may wish to bring your own towel, exercise mat or other suitable floor covering to provide a barrier between yourself and the floor.
  • If you train in bare feet, please use sanitising wipes just before class begins. You are strongly encouraged to bring your own wipes but there will be a small supply available.
  • Sanitising wipes will also be used to wipe up sweat and other bodily fluids from the hall floor.
  • Currently, there will be no fixed or free sparring as part of a standard class. This will be reintroduced in time.
  • Nothing should be passed between individuals, i.e. no sharing of equipment, unless from the same household.
  • Payment is to be made by bank transfer (Lucys bank details available by personal request). If you can only pay by cash, please bring correct money in an envelope or other suitable container.
  • As always, a register will be taken and it will also be used if "track and trace" is introduced by the government later.
  • Please tell Lucy as soon as possible if you become unwell with suspected Covid symptoms. All students will be notified in the event of this happening to help them make an informed choice about self-isolating. Any member who shows Covid symptoms will not be individually named to protect his or her privacy.
  • After each class your uniform should be washed before your next training session to avoid cross contamination.

All adjustments and Covid precautions are subject to change, and will be led by government guidelines and feedback from Wu Shu Kwan. These are unprecedented times, and we have to adapt in order to continue with our love for Wu Shu Kwan training.

Any questions in regards to training at Whitton Community Centre, please contact Lucy in the first instance.

Lucy Outred
Senior Master Instructress
Dated: 27/01/2022

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