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  Country:  England        Area/City/Town:  Middlesex        Location:  Twickenham

     12:00 midday - 2:00 pm

Room #1
Whitton Community Centre
Percy Road
Middlesex TW2 6JL


Nearest Station:
Whitton (British Rail)

Special Notes:
     Class is open Training as usual
     New members most welcome

     Senior Master Instructress

     Lucy Outred
     4th Degree Black Belt

Awarded Black Belt:



     07564 737856 (mobile)

     * No photography or videoing allowed
     * Please use your mobile phone outside



Lucy chopping a building block


Lucy showing extreme Wu Shu Kwan skill in splitting an apple with a Chinese martial art sword. This split-second action was caught by a high-speed camera while the two halves of the apple are still in the air, shown by an arrow for ease of viewing.

Lucy breaking a building block with her palm at a demonstration in CERN, Switzerland 2014
Lucy kicking a piece of wood

↓  More Actions  ↓

Using maximum length of a 3-section staff to attack.

Manoeuvring a decisive sword technique against Jeff (left).

Showing a powerful attacking movement with her leg.

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