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  Country: England           Area/City/Town: Hampshire           Location: Yateley

Tuesdays   7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

The Monteagle Community Hall
(next to Waitrose Supermarket)
Monteagle Lane
Hampshire GU46 6FR

Special Notes:
     Class is open Training as usual
     (With safer training schedule during pandemic)
     New members most welcome

Nearest Train Stations:
     Sandhurst or Blackwater

     #3 – From Yateley to Aldershot (Via The Meadows, Camberley Station & Frimley Park Hospital)
     #200 – From Camberley to Basingstoke (Via The Meadows, Yateley, Hartley Wintney, Odiham and Hook)
     #71 – From Yateley to Fleet (Including Fleet Station)

Car Parking:
     Ample free parking

Driving Instructions:
     From M3 Junction 4a to Yateley – Distance about 4 miles and takes about 8 mins, and the details are as follows:

  1. Head north on A327
  2. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto A327/Minley Road heading for Yateley/Blackwater/Reading/A30
  3. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto A327
  4. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Cricket Hill Lane
  5. Turn left at Vigo Lane
  6. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Monteagle Lane
  7. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit. Destination will be on the left

Instructor (Resident):
     Senior Master
     Aaron Joseph
     3rd Degree Black Belt


Awarded Black Belt:



     07583 002395 (mobile)

     * No photography or videoing allowed
     * Please use your mobile phone outside



Chopping 2 house bricks with his bare hand.


Punching 16 roofing tiles with his bare fist.

Breaking 4 pieces of wood with a powerful side kick.

Instructor (Principal):
     Senior Master
     Jeffrey Joseph
     6th Degree Black Belt


Awarded Black Belt:



     07595 755324 (mobile)


Jeff splitting a flying apple with a martial art sword: the two halves can still be clearly seen in the air, a fraction of a second after the splitting. What a superb skill!


Please observe the following Covid-safe training schedule


Yateley Wu Shu Kwan
Safer Training Schedule for Reducing Risk of Covid-19 Infection

As agreed with Yateley Town Council at our most recent discussions

Rules for All Monteagle Community Hall Users

  1. You must not enter this building if you or anyone in your household has Covid-19 symptoms.
  2. Everyone that enters this building MUST wear a face mask.
  3. If you develop Covid-19 symptoms within 7 days of visiting these premises, alert Test, Track & Trace.
    Important: NHS Covid-19 QR code on display at the front entrance. All hall users (hirers and their customers) who have a smartphone must download the NHS Covid-19 app and scan the QR before entering our buildings.
    If anything is amiss, contact the organiser of the event you attended, who will contact Yateley Town Council for its attention. Jeff Joseph is the organiser for Wu Shu Kwan.
  4. Maintain 2-metre social distancing. Wait behind the marked lines as you go through the entrance hall to your activity.
  5. Use the hand sanitiser provided on entering the premises. Clean your hands often. Soap and paper towels are provided.
  6. Avoid touching your face, nose, or eyes. Clean your hands first if you do.
  7. Used tissues should be disposed of using the rubbish bags provided. Then wash your hands.
  8. Check that the organisers of your activity have cleaned door handles, tables, other equipment, sinks and surfaces before you arrive.
    Keep them clean. We cannot clean all surfaces at the Community Hall between each hire.
  9. Take turns to use confined spaces such as corridors, kitchen, and toilet areas. Standing or sitting next to someone is lower risk than opposite them. Briefly passing another person in a confined space is low risk.
  10. Keep the hall well ventilated. Close windows and doors on leaving.
  11. Wash your clothes when you get home to reduce risk of transmission.

Guidelines Specific for Yateley Wu Shu Kwan

  • Remember, you train at your own risk. The insurance included with your Wu Shu Kwan membership does not cover Covid-19.
  • You are required to sign at each training session a disclaimer confirming that you have not suffered any Covid-19 symptoms in the 10 days prior to that session.
  • All instructors and students must bring a face mask and a face shield to every class.
  • Bring your own sanitiser and sanitise your hands at the entrance of the gym.
  • The floor will be cleaned prior to class starting.
  • Students can bring their own floor exercise mats for additional protection during activities where you will be in skin contact with the floor. Students may train in their indoor trainers/martial arts trainers.
  • If you train in bare feet, please use sanitising wipes just before class begins. You are strongly encouraged to bring your own wipes but there will be a small supply available.
  • Classes will be limited to 9 students in line with social distancing guidelines from Yateley Town Council for The Monteagle Community Hall. The maximum number may change from time to time in response to Government’s current rule.
  • There will be a booking system in place.
    Please contact Jeff Joseph on 07595 755324 to book your place each week.
  • Should you wish to cancel your booking please contact Jeff Joseph as soon as possible, in order that your place can be offered to the next student in good time.
  • You are encouraged to wear a face covering during class. You may use a face mask or visor/shield.
  • Students will be positioned to achieve maximum social distancing.
  • Warm up and class drill will be adapted for social distancing. There will be no pairing up for stretching (exception for those students from the same family or household).
    1. Stretching – some exercises will be modified to effect social distancing or to avoid physical contact, so there will be no pairing up
    2. Sit-ups – doing on your own
    3. Back stretching – lay on your front, lift chest off the floor using arms, arch back pushing hips towards the floor
    4. Sitting down head/chest to thighs – as normal but on your own, touching your toes with your hands
    5. Stand up, sit down – feet twice shoulder distance, sitting in a squat, hold for 30 seconds, repeat twice
    6. Leg stretch standing – splits with right leg in front and left leg behind, change with left leg in front. Go as low as possible
    7. Leg straddle stretching sitting/standing – also on your own
  • Basics – as standard. Floor will be cleaned after basics
  • Forms – seen by instructor max two at a time
  • Fixed Sparring
    1. Completed in pairs but observing social distance guidelines
    2. Throws can be walked through – no contact
    3. Knife and stick training can be walked through – no contact
    4. Mandatory face covering to be worn
  • Free Sparring – Only those students who wish to spar, face covering is mandatory, and gloves cleaned prior to first use and after each bout.
  • Bag/pad work – equipment to be cleaned prior to use, hand sanitiser used before and after for those holding bag/pads, who must also use face covering
  • Sparring techniques – face covering mandatory
  • You must provide your own training equipment and should not share with others
  • Please bring your own refreshments and food. All mugs, glasses, plates and utensils have been removed from the venue to avoid the risk of contamination between hirers
  • It is advisable not to change at the Community Hall. Please come in a clean, washed uniform. If you are travelling by public transport, or walk or cycle to class, your Wu Shu Kwan jacket and belt should be covered, i.e. wear a jumper over the top of your uniform. Alternatively, your jacket and belt can be carried in your training holdall or a clean carrier bag.
  • Hand sanitiser is provided by the Community Hall. Please use on arrival and departure, and when re-entering the training hall, e.g. after visiting the toilet.
  • Sanitising wipes will also be used to wipe up sweat and other body fluids from the hall floor.
  • Nothing should be passed between individuals, i.e. no sharing of equipment, unless from the same household.
  • Payment can be made by bank transfer (Jeff Joseph’s bank details available by personal request).
    If you can only pay by cash, please bring correct money in an envelope or other suitable container.

The details of this Safer Training Schedule are subject to change in responding to the fast-changing Government rules with regular feedback from Wu Shu Kwan and Yateley Town Council. During these unprecedented times we must adapt to continue with our Wu Shu Kwan training in the safest possible manner for all our students and instructors, and other users of the Monteagle Community Hall.

Jeff Joseph
Senior Master
Dated: 28/01/2022

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