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    Country: North Wales      Area/City/Town: Gwynedd      Location: Bangor

Mondays   7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Gym 2
Normal Site Sports Hall
Holyhead Road
Gwynedd LL57 2PZ

Nearest Train Station:

Special Notes:
     Class is open – Training as usual
     (With safer training schedule during pandemic)
     New members most welcome

Instructor (Resident):
     Brian Jones
     1st Degree Black Belt


Awarded Black Belt:



     07979 530636 (mobile)      Email:

     * No photography or videoing allowed
     * Please use your mobile phone outside




Brian punching a stack of roofing tiles.


Brian chopping a house brick with his bare hand.


Instructor (Visiting):
     Senior Master
     Llion Jones
     3rd Degree Black Belt


Awarded Black Belt:



     07728 597775 (mobile)


Senior Visiting Instructor:
     Senior Master
     Steve Bishop
     5th Degree Black Belt

Awarded Black Belt:

     Mobile: 07525 032511


Steve smashing a flying apple with a 3-section staff.
(Spot the smashed apple in the air.)


The moment Steve splitting open a flying apple with a quick and accurate Wu Shu Kwan sword technique.


Steve is one of the high-ranking martial artists in the world who can break 3 house bricks with a mighty chop.


Steve breaking 4 pieces of wood with a powerful side kick.


A Short Report on
Liverpool and North Wales
Training and Revision Weekend 28/29 August 2021

(Information by Steve Bishop, and supplemented by Jeff Joseph and Brian Jones)

The Hosts
The training and revision weekend was hosted by Steve Bishop in Liverpool and Brian Jones in North Wales.

Coaching And Support Team
The coaching team was led by Jeff Joseph and assisted by Gary Barham and Steve Bishop, all of whom are high-ranking and knowledgeable Wu Shu Kwan instructors of “senior master” standing. It is a known fact that Wu Shu Kwan system is made up of superior technical techniques.
  The full list of the coaching team, including the supporting instructors, appears at the end of this report.

At The Training Sessions
Both sessions were fully supported by eager members. Many North Wales Black Belt holders returned to training because of the enthusiasm and commitment of Brian Jones, who has recently reopened his class in Bangor, which is very successful and well attended.
  The atmosphere of these two sessions was one full of specialised martial art training with bountiful friendly social interaction for everyone.

Sarah Cheeseman (1st Degree Black Belt), a determined Wu Shu Kwan disciple, came all the way from Dublin, Ireland to join in the training. With such dedication, there will be nothing to stop her attaining her desired higher Black Belt in Wu Shu Kwan!

Saturday Night Bonding
The weekend training sessions were a resounding success, which were enjoyed by and benefited all who attended. In addition, the Saturday evening meal and night out made the bond between London, Ireland, North Wales and Liverpool members even stronger. The unique Wu Shu Kwan spirit of respect, loyalty, friendship and care was clearly in evidence and appreciated by all.

Long may the spirit of Wu Shu Kwan grow and grow!

Lead Instructor:
  Jeff Joseph (6th Degree Black Belt)
Senior Instructors:
  Gary Barham (5th Degree Black Belt)
  Steve Bishop (5th Degree Black Belt)
  Llion Jones (3rd Degree Black Belt)
  Lucy Outred (3rd Degree Black Belt)
  Aaron Joseph (3rd Degree Black Belt)
Medical Support:
 Dr Nasri Zreik (2nd Degree Black Belt, BSc (Hons), MB ChB (Hons), MRCS)
  Liverpool – Steve Bishop (5th Degree Black Belt)
  North Wales – Brian Jones (1st Degree Black Belt)

An impressive group photo taken in Liverpool on 28th August 2021.

Another impressive and happy group photo taken in North Wales on 29th August 2021.


Class is now open
Please observe the following Covid-safe training schedule


Bangor Wu Shu Kwan (Training @ Gym 2, Normal College)
Safer Training Schedule for Reducing Risk of Covid-19 Infection

As agreed with training facilities provider:
• All instructors and students must bring a face mask and a face shield to every class
• Bring your own sanitiser and sanitise your hands at the entrance of the gym
• Floor to be cleaned prior to class starting
• Class limited to 30 students
• Booking system will be in operation. Please contact Brian on 07979 530636 to book your place each week
• Any booking cancellation should be notified to Brian as soon as possible, in order that his/her place can be offered to the next student in good time
• You are encouraged to wear a face covering during class
• Students will be positioned to achieve maximum social distance (possibly staggering columns)
• Warm up – as standard
• Stretching – some exercises will be modified for social distancing, no pairing up
  ◦ Sit-ups – completed on your own
  ◦ Back stretching – lay on your front, lift chest off the floor using arms, arch back pushing hips towards the floor
  ◦ Sitting down chest to thighs – as normal but completed on your own reaching for toes
  ◦ Stand up, sit down – feet twice shoulder distance, sitting in a squat, hold for 30 seconds, repeat twice
  ◦ Leg stretch standing – splits with right leg in front and left leg behind, change with left leg in front. Go as low as possible
  ◦ Leg straddle stretching sitting / standing – also completed on your own
• Basics – as standard
• Floor to be cleaned after basics
• Forms – seen by instructor max two at a time
• Fixed Sparring
  ◦ Completed in pairs but observing social distance guidelines
  ◦ Throws can be walked through – no contact
  ◦ Knife and stick can be walked through – no contact
  ◦ Mandatory face covering to be worn
• Free Sparring – Only those students who wish to spar, face covering is mandatory and gloves cleaned prior to first use and after each bout
• Bag/pad work – equipment to be cleaned prior to use, hand sanitiser used before and after for those holding bag/pads, who must also use face covering
• Sparring techniques – face covering mandatory
• You must provide your own training equipment and should not share with others
• After each training session, your uniform should be carefully washed to avoid cross contamination at the next class
• You are required to sign at each training session a disclaimer confirming that you have not suffered any Covid-19 symptoms in the 10 days prior to that session

The above details are subject to change, with the objective of improving safety against and/or reducing risk of Covid-19 infection

Brian Jones
Resident Instructor


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