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  Country: England    Area/City/Town: London SE22    Location: East Dulwich

Sundays   2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Albrighton Community Centre
37 Albrighton Road

East Dulwich
London SE22 8AH

Special Notes:
     Closed now owing to latest government regulations
     Plan to restart in the new year
     Please check back

     Senior Master
     Peter Johnson
     6th Degree Black Belt, BSc (Hons)


Awarded Black Belt:



     07956 123582 (mobile)

     * No photography or videoing allowed
     * Please use your mobile phone outside



    Class now closed – please check back in the new year

East Dulwich Wu Shu Kwan
Safer Training Schedule for Reducing Risk of Covid-19 Infection

As agreed with training facilities provider:
• Instructors, students and guests must wear a face mask upon arrival at the Centre.
• On entry please use the hand sanitiser provided in the reception area.
• It is optional to wear a face mask or face shield whilst training as you may find breathing restrictive.
• Train in bare feet if you wish, I will provide bacterial wipes for students to clean their feet before and after training. Please use the bin bag provided for your waste wipe material. Students are encouraged to bring their own bacterial wipes to clean their used equipment afterwards.
• The floor will be cleaned prior to class starting.
• Students will be positioned to achieve maximum social distance (possibly staggering columns).
• Warm up – as standard.
• Stretching – some exercises will be modified for social distancing, no pairing up.
  ◦ Sit-ups – completed on your own.
  ◦ Back stretching – lay on your front, lift chest off the floor using arms, arch back pushing hips towards the floor.
  ◦ Sitting down chest to thighs – as normal but completed on your own reaching for toes.
  ◦ Stand up, sit down – feet twice shoulder distance, sitting in a squat, hold for 30 seconds, repeat twice.
  ◦ Leg stretch standing – splits with right leg in front and left leg behind, change with left leg in front. Go as low as possible.
  ◦ Leg straddle stretching sitting / standing – also completed on your own.
• Basics – as standard.
• Fixed Sparring.
  ◦ Completed in pairs but observing social distance guidelines.
  ◦ Throws can be walked through – no contact.
  ◦ Knife and stick can be walked through – no contact.
• Free Sparring – Only those students who wish to spar, face covering is optional and gloves cleaned prior to first use and after each bout.
• Bag/pad work – equipment to be cleaned prior to use, hand sanitiser used before and after for those holding bag/pads, who must also use face covering.
• Sparring techniques – face covering optional.
• You must provide your own training equipment and should not share with others.
• After each training session, your uniform should be carefully washed to avoid cross contamination at the next class.
• You are required to sign at each training session a disclaimer confirming that you have not suffered any Covid-19 symptoms in the 10 days prior to that session.

The above details are subject to change, with the objective of improving safety against and/or reducing risk of Covid-19 infection.

Peter Johnson
Senior Master
Date: 20/08/2020

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