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  Country: England     Area/City/Town: Thornbury     Location: South Gloucestershire

Sundays   9:30 am - 11:30 am

Alexander Hosea School
Honeybourne Lane
South Gloucester GL12 8PF

Special Notes:
     Class is open Training as usual
     (With safer training schedule during pandemic)
     New members most welcome

Instructor (Resident):
     Senior Master Instructress
     Helen Gregory
3rd Degree Black Belt, BA (Hons), ACA

Awarded Black Belt:



     07803 330235 (mobile)

     * No photography or videoing allowed
     * Please use your mobile phone outside


Helen breaking 2 pieces of wood with a powerful side kick.


Instructor (Senior):
     Senior Master
     Andy Gregory
     4th Degree Black Belt, MSc


Awarded Black Belt:



     07739 490585 (mobile)


Taken at a grading on 3rd April 2022.


Taken at a grading on 10th October 2021.


Please observe the following Covid-safe training schedule

  Risk Guidance to minimise risk
1 COVID-19 is spread through airborne droplets and aerosols (very fine droplets) such as sneezing, coughing, shouting, singing, laughing, yawning 5
2 The virus can remain on some surfaces and clothes for up to 72 hours 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 26
3 People with Covid-19 may be asymptomatic or have mild symptoms which could be confused with a cold or hay fever 3, 4
4 There is a greater risk of infection indoors as opposed to outside where airborne droplets are more easily dispersed 9, 27
5 Current research indicates that airborne droplets can be spread across a distance of 2 metres 2, 11, 15, 18, 4, 25
6 Our younger students are friends and have not seen each other since lockdown started. They are at greater risk of touching surfaces and forgetting to social distance 23, 24, 28
7 There is a risk of third parties entering the hall at Charfield and using the facilities* 9
8 Participants may feel uncomfortable returning to training given the extent to which Covid-19 has affected our lives 1, 30
* In the three years we have been teaching at Wickwar, there have be no instances of the public attempting to enter the hall whilst we have been teaching.

South Gloucestershire Wu Shu Kwan
Safer Training Schedule for Reducing Risk of Covid-19 Infection

  1. Only train if you agree to the rules and guidance set out below and are comfortable with the current social distancing rules.
  2. Classes will be limited to 6 on Thursdays and 12 on Sundays including instructors. It will be necessary to book with Helen on or before the morning of the class and a register will be kept.
  3. We will not be taking temperatures before class. Therefore, only train if you are fit and well with no signs of a cold or a cough.
  4. We encourage all those aged 11 and above to wear a face covering unless they have underlying health conditions.
  5. If you suffer from hay fever, please consider whether you are likely to be coughing and sneezing and the effect that this will have on your fellow participants.
  6. We, the instructors are required by the hall to clean door handles, light switches, taps and toilet flushes before and after class. We will record this in the class register.
  7. Please bring your own hand sanitiser and wipes and use them frequently.
  8. Please use the toilets one at a time and clean all surfaces touched after use.
  9. We will keep as many doors and windows open as practicably possible.
  10. On Thursday we follow other hall users and will be unable to wash the floor beforehand. Therefore, please do not put your hands on the floor. If you do, then clean your hands immediately with sanitiser as going to the toilets to wash hands risks touching more surfaces. On Sunday, we are the sole user after school finishes on Friday so the floor should have been washed before our use.
  11. Please bring a towel or exercise mat appropriately sanitised for stretching and for certain fixed sparring.
  12. Please use the paper towels and disinfectant available from the instructors to wipe up any sweat from the floor.
  13. You are welcome to train in suitable martial art shoes or trainers. If you do, please be aware that this will mean you are not practising your kicks appropriately.
  14. If you choose not to wear trainers, please do not touch your feet (such as putting on shoes after class) until you have washed them. If you do happen to touch your feet, please sanitise your hands immediately.
  15. Students positioned to achieve maximum social distance with columns staggered for the drill.
  16. You will not be required to wear uniform (including belts). Please arrive dressed in clothes suitable for training but comfortable so that you adjust them as little as possible during class. You will not be able to change at the venue.
  17. Please ensure your training clothes are washed before and after every class to reduce the risk of cross contamination.
  18. You will be required to train in household groups and to keep the appropriate distance from other households. Anyone who does not have a family member with whom they can train, can choose a training buddy with whom they should only pair up. If this is not possible, please follow the alternative exercises at the end.
  19. Payment for classes should be made at the time of booking and will be taken by bank transfer only.
  20. We will only be cleaning the areas set out at point 6 above. Therefore, do not touch any other areas unless you have wiped them down before use and will wipe them down again after use. This includes benches, chairs etc. We will provide spray cleaner and disposable paper towels that must be used.
  21. Please bring as little as possible to class to reduce the risk of any cross contamination.
  22. Unless it is an emergency, please do not use your phone before or after class to reduce the risk of cross contamination.
  23. We will aim to start promptly (7.35pm Thursday and 9.30am Sunday) and there will be no break. Please do not arrive more than five minutes before class is due to start and remain outside until surfaces have been cleaned. Please remain socially distanced whilst waiting.
  24. After the drill, we will instruct under 16s first in order to minimise the risk of them touching additional surfaces. This is likely to mean that they will be free to go in less than two hours and we will expect them to leave promptly once dismissed.
  25. We will not actively recruit new members at this stage. Whether they can train will depend on the number of students we expect that session.
  26. We will not be sharing kit. Please use your own water bottle(s) filled at home and wear your own gloves, shin pads and sparring boots.
  27. There will be no spectators other than parents/guardians of under 16s.
  28. Parents/guardians will be responsible for ensuring their children comply with the above.
  29. At Charfield, we will pull the gate across the main door just before class to reduce the risk of third parties entering the venue to use the facilities.
  30. We, the instructors, reserve the right to prevent participation or stop a class if we consider that participants are not complying with the above. Similarly, please advise the instructors of any behaviour which makes you feel uncomfortable.

Alternative Exercises

  1. Basics – as standard
  2. Stretching
    1. Sit ups – completed on your own
    2. Back stretch – lay on your front, lift chest off the floor using arms, arch back pushing hips towards the floor
    3. Sitting down chest to thighs – completed on your own
    4. Stand up sit down together – squats
    5. Leg stretch standing – splits with right leg in front and left leg behind, change
    6. Leg straddle stretching – completed on your own
  3. Drill – as usual
  4. Forms – completed in groups of two maximum with an instructor
  5. Fixed sparring – socially distanced including any throwing
  6. Free sparring – face covering mandatory and gloves cleaned prior to class and after each partner
  7. Bag/pad work – face covering mandatory and equipment cleaned prior to class and after each partner with hand sanitiser used before and after by instructor holding the bag/focus mitts
  8. Sparring techniques – face covering mandatory

Andy Gregory
Senior Master

Helen Gregory
Senior Master Instructress


Dated: 27/01/2022


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