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Grand Master using a 3-section staff

Grand Master C. K. Chang (8th Degree Black Belt) (left), the chief instructor, using a 3-section staff against a sword attack.
   Various weapons are taught in more advanced training.

Trish Chang chopping 4 building blocks

Trish Chang (7th Degree Black Belt), a senior master instructress and a Guinness World Record holder, chopping 4 building blocks to show the type of power that women can develop for self-defence.
   Formidable destructive power comes naturally as a by-product from proper training.

Celia Sisman kicking an attacker in the head

Celia Sisman (5th Degree Black Belt) (right), a senior master instructress, using an effective kick – without having to dirty her hands – to floor her attacker.
   Men and women are trained to defend themselves effectively.