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  Country: England            Area/City/Town: Surrey            Location: Banstead & Nork

     9:30 am - 11:30 am

Nork Community Association
Nork Community Centre
Nork Way
Surrey SM7 1JB

Nearest train station:
     Banstead (20 mins' walk)
(Text the instructor you are coming and one of them will pick you up en route. No problem.)

Special Notes:
     Training as usual
     New members very welcome

Instructor (Principal):
     Senior Master
     Aldo Breda
     5th Degree Black Belt, BA (Hons)


Awarded Black Belt:



     07740 702111 (mobile)

     * No photography or videoing allowed
     * Please use your mobile phone outside



Smashing a flying apple with a 3-section staff.
(Spot the smashed apple in the air.)

Instructor (Resident):
     Senior Master
     Peter Georgiou
     3rd Degree Black Belt


Awarded Black Belt:



     07519 343871 (mobile)


Instructor (Assistant):
     Senior Master
     Pedro Martins
     3rd Degree Black Belt


Awarded Black Belt:



     07904 265090 (mobile)

Breaking 4 pieces of wood with a powerful side kick.
Group photo taken on 9th December 2017.

From your instructor:

Dear All,
We are very happy to announce that our Saturday morning classes are back.
  As we all start to adjust to new training conditions, we must focus on making sure that we feel safe and confident to train in the new environment.
  We are all pretty much aware of the general Government guidelines with regards to dealing with Covid.
  In addition to this we are also aware that peopleís sensitivity in dealing with Covid varies.
  We ask all those training with us to be attentive, considerate and cooperative to make sure we all train safely and enjoy our time together.

PS If you are travelling to us using public transport, the nearest train station is Banstead (20 mins' walk).
Text me you are coming and one of us will pick you up en route. No problem.


Reopening Now
Please observe the following Covid-safe training schedule


Banstead & Nork Wu Shu Kwan
Safer Training Schedule for Reducing Risk of Covid-19 Infection

Important: Please read the following COVID Protocol & Guidance


  • Please arrive wearing a clean and ironed uniform.
  • Male, female and Disabled toilets are available, but letís limit the traffic for their primary use.

Entering the Hall:

  • Disinfectant spray and towels will be available on entering and leaving the class (use them).
  • Bring your own wipes too and be responsible for your training space.


  • Registe: Students will be asked about any prior Covid symptoms (14 days).
  • Payment: Cash or Bank Transfer is acceptable. (Bring correct cash and wipe it.)

Social distancing will be observed and exercises adapted for:

  • warm-up and basic training
  • forms and fixed sparring

Free Sparring is available to:

  • Those fully vaccinated and who want to spar. Limited to one partner. The pair will be recorded as a track and trace measure. Same principle applies to those members from the same household.
  • Those not comfortable with partner training will be given the option to shadow box using specific techniques from the main instructor.

Aldo Breda
Senior Master
Dated: 21/02/2022

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